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Prof. Dr Humayun Iqbal Khan is the best child specialist in Lahore. He is MBBS, FCPS, CMT, PGPN (USA), Fellowship in Pediatric Hematology/Oncology (Malaysia) with his wide experience of 35 years. And currently working as a Head of the Pediatrics Department in Services Hospital Lahore and has a private practice in Johar Town, Lahore. A well-qualified consultant always gives you the best guidance. He assists you regarding your child’s health in an excellent manner. Prof Dr Humayun Iqbal and his dedication to caring for children will ensure that your child’s medical needs in a way that will leave you satisfied.

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Every child is special! We are experts in dealing with all types of health issues of newborn and children. Child life specialists are well-trained to diagnose and treat conditions that affect the health, growth, behavior, and development of babies, children, and teenagers. They offer a wide range of services giving childhood vaccinations to dealing with emergencies. They always with you in case any medical problem arises during your child’s journey to adulthood!

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Prof. Dr Humayun Iqbal Khan

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Prof Dr Humayun Iqbal Khan is a child life consultant. In 30+ years of the era as a CHILD SPECIALIST, he worked with many institutes at the senior level. In conclusion, he has a contribution to treating cleared out children. Book your appointment with Visit Clinic!

Childhood Illnesses

Vaccination / Immunization

Growth and Development Issues

Child Dietary / nutritionist Consultation

Child Infection Diseases

Pediatric Respiratory Diseases

Diarrheal Disease

Kidney Diseases in Child

Pediatric Neurological Problems

Cardiac Problems in Children

Emergency Care

Pediatric Oncology

Acute and Sick Visits

Child Allergy

Endocrine Diseases

Pediatric Hematology

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January 2022

Child Healthcare

Child healthcare encompasses more than their physical, emotional, and mental well-being. It also encompasses their entire family's health and the health of their community and surroundings. Pediatrics, or children's health, is concerned with the well-being of children from conception to puberty. It is deeply concerned with all elements of children's growth and development and each child's good chance to... Read More

September 2020

Who is Child Doctor or Specialist?

Child Specialist Being raced to the medical clinic as a grown-up can be frightening; for a child, it very well may be damaging. That is the reason child doctor are there consistently children quiet and instructed out and about ahead. A child life specialist is an expert prepared to work with children and their families during troublesome and horrible circumstances. As... Read More

What Role Child Specialist Play?

Child specialist plays an essential role while treating children from birth to early adulthood. They give routine prevention to analyze and treat the extent of sicknesses. From giving childhood vaccinations and getting minor injuries inciting youths about regenerative prosperity, the action is never comparable from consistently. The core responsibility of a Child Specialist is to guide parents about their child's... Read More

Child Health Doctor

The Pediatrician treats the diseases and sicknesses of the children from the first experience with the world to youth. Every family needs a Child Life Specialist who assists their lovable little children with adjusting to the moving illness and offer clinical consideration to the people. A pediatrician helps in diagnosing the diseases that are common in infants and children at an incredibly energetic age. In the end, They revolve around the physical, mental of children at each period of headway solid or in illness.

Reasons to Consult Child Health Doctor

Understand psychology is the first responsibility of every child life specialist or pediatrician. They are experts in the hospital or clinic who support the child and family. Guide them to learn to manage stressful healthcare experiences. Because children’s physical health heavily impacts their development and emotional health. We encourage children to express their feelings. Also, find the skills they need to feel grant and safe during the medical procedure

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