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Child Vaccination Service

Child Vaccination is an effective way to protect from major illnesses or diseases in children. The human body reacts against infection because of an organism (a germ/bacterium or a virus). That is called immunity. The immune system works to make chemicals (called antibodies) and stimulating a few types of cells that kill or neutralize these invading infectious agents. Vaccines work by stimulating the body’s immune system against infections. Moreover, The Government, WHO and UNICEF, and other organizations are focus on working on Child Health issues. Most importantly, Most importantly, Child vaccination is now mandatory.

Reasons to Vaccinate

  1. Vaccination can be lifesaving: Vaccination protects children from many diseases and infections. If this does not happen, many children will die. Before the vaccine era, there was high childhood death because of these infections.
  2. Vaccines are generally safe: Yes! Vaccines are safe except for minor side effects like fever, pain, and redness at the site of injection. Serious side effects such as severe allergic reactions etc. are rare.
  3. In the duration of diseases prevention, vaccination was found beneficial for kids.
  4. Vaccination also protects others: Prevent your child on time from spreading diseases like chickenpox, measles, etc.. can save other people living in the community.
  5. Vaccines such as polio vaccines can prevent disability as well.
  6. Vaccination can save money: No doubt, Spending a small amount of money to vaccinate the kids against all diseases NOW can save you from the psychological burden and many expenses in the future.
  7. Vaccines: Hepatitis B, HPV, and other similar vaccines on time can save the children in the future from many diseases like Cancer
  8. German measles (rubella) vaccine can prevent diseases that affect a pregnant lady while leading to birth effects in the newborn.

Discuss the vaccination schedule
for your child with the Pediatrician